Fulton County Bass Masters





Formed February 1995

Our mission is to promote fishing through our members. Our goals are to continually learn from other members while incorporating good sportsmanship of the sport of bass fishing along with obeying all laws of the sport.
Though the years our club has continually expanded in our membership. This is primarily do to the fact that we do not intend on high membership fees, nor do we charge excessively for the tournaments. We have grown, do to our great ability to go out and have fun fishing, and continue to teach as we go.

We have people in our club from several different towns that have joined us and continue to rejoin. These are a great bunch of knowledgeable bass fishermen, and are not afraid to share there knowledge with anyone willing to learn.
We are a club of our own. I say that because of the fact that we are a local club that's concentrates on keeping membership dues low, tournament fees low, and high respect for the sport of bass fishing. Unlike some other clubs or organizations that may have above higher standards as well as high membership dues just to enter there club, We as a club will never do that. We encourage new members everyday, so grab your rods and tackle box an
d jump on board. We would love to have you.




To become a member of the Fulton County Bass Masters you must:

1. Be 18 years of age.
2. Pay annual dues of $65.00
3. Show interest in the club and its functions.
4. Members are not required to own a boat, although if membership of non boaters exceeds the boaters, we will then except only boaters to level out boaters and non boaters.
5. Must attend at least 4 regular club meetings a year. The meetings are normally held the second Sunday of every month.
6. Must read and adhere to all the rules and bylaws.

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Fulton County Bass Masters