Club Goals
Our club goals are to continually learn from other members while incorporating good sportsmanship of the sport of bass fishing along with obeying all laws of the sport.
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Sept 21 Club meeting, 4:30 pm at (City Hall in Rochester) (Nominations of Officers)

Club Tournaments 2014
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Open Tournament Trail 2014
            Winona Classic Qualifiers
               Fair Grounds ($5 Parking Fee)

           September 20 (Saturday)
                      (7:30 AM) - (3:30 PM)

  Ben Diamond - Bryan Holderman
  Dave Hoagland - Jason Reehling
  Rick Hite - Janice Hite
  Brian Whitaker - Cari Whitaker
  Terry Schoettmer - Corey Thompson
  Gary Harrold - Matt Harrold
  Rob Roberts - Caden Roberts
  Jim Wheeler - Tom Seljan
  Jason Nehring - Bob Johnson
  Russ Burchard - Jordan Northup
  Lance Robey - Greg Anderson
  Dan Milligan - Kris Shipley
  Jonathon Pearson - Hal Pearson
  David Brown - Chayne Stouder
  Rich Paton - Hunter Paton
  Rick Rogers - RJ Rogers
  Randy Walls - Mark Flotow
  Charlie Whisman - David Anderson
  Mark Stroube - ??? Bill Steele / Mike Shultz
  Doug Brown - Hunter Brown
  Matt Anderson - ??? Tim Swick / Matt Hume
  Steve Henderson - Nate O'Hara
  Jason Grinder - Trevor Wiggan

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2014 Money Tournaments & Dates in the Area.
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Club Records - updated 10/14/2013
Mike Foster has recorded many of our club records over the years.
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Bylaws & Tournament Rules
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