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Our club goals are to continually learn from other members while incorporating good sportsmanship of the sport of bass fishing along with obeying all laws of the sport. Learn more about us here...


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Sept 19 – Club meeting, 4:30 pm at (City Hall in Rochester) (Nominations of Officers)

Open Tournament Trail 2021
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Winona Lake Classic Qualifiers
DNR Ramp - Park at School
Anthony Hendrickson - Keith Baker 
Bill Sutton - Bill Sutton 
Charlie Whishman - David Anderson
Conner Zeck 
Connor Tonkel - Paton Jones
Dewayne Friddle - Tj Friddle
Dillan Pollard - Jeremy Antwert 
Even Graver - Ruben Leon 
Gary Harrold - Fred Claar 
Jermiah Bollhoefer - James Prater
Mark Lester - Damon Woodard
Mike Foor - Neil Johnson
Neal Johnson - Mike Foor
Pat Thacker - Dave Lautt 
Rich Paton - Hunter Paton 
Rick Rogers - Dan O'Neil
Rod Edgell - Brett Hayes 
Steve Kline 
Terry Schoetttmer - David Brown 
Travis Edgar - Jim Sprinkle 

Manitou / Nyona Tuesday Niters
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Maxie Thursday Niters
     $40 Click Here to View Schedule

Club Tournament 2021 Schedule & Pairing
2021 Club Schedule                 2021 Club Tournament Pairing        

FCB 2021 "Maxie Fall Slammer" (2 Day Tournament)
     $100 (Cash Only) Entry - October 23 & 24
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2021 Money Tournaments & Dates in the Area.
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Club Records - updated 01/19/2018
Mike Foster has recorded many of our club records over the years.
check them out...

Bylaws & Tournament Rules
Available on Members Page (last updated 05/13/2020)


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